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MDF 4ft x 2ft, requested a space scene for alocal office with most of the options left most of it up to me


If you would like a custom picture just send me an email with either a photo or an idea and I can turn that into a painting for you, whether it is a gift for someone or for yourself I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



 Almost any design can be reproduced, on almost any surface, as well as the more standard surfaces such as canvas and posterboard. Other surfaces available that I have previously worked on include










Whether you have a specific photo or an idea in your mind, unless you are completely happy with the end result there is no fee.


Depending on the materials, there may be a small upfront payment to cover initial costs. For my standard paintings on posterboard, there is no need for the upfront payment.


All are protected with multiple layers of clear coat, which seals in the artwork, fully protecting it.


See your painting created! - For a small fee the creation of your painting can be filmed, edited and uploaded to youtube for you to view!





Below are some of thecustom requests I have done in the past.



- Interior/Exterior Walls


- Surf/Skate Board          


- Plastic sheets, perspex                              




- Car Body work      


- Almost all wooden panels


- Glass                                       



Large Board Space Glass Pane Alien Falls Copy Custom Light Planet copy dustepherox copy Polaris Star Wars Split Planet Wizard of Oz

Done on a heavy glass panel (52cm x 117cm)

For this, the request was " something with the foreground of Green Atmosphere with less green in the sky, more black with pinpoints of star light and either a comet or a sun starting to shine form behind a planet".  

Green Atmosphere

This was the original painting "Green Atmosphere that inspired this piece.

For this, the client asked for a star wars

themed painting, he sent a few pictures of clips he liked,and had a few ideas that he wasn't

sure about, and settled on this image.


Requested piece, with star Polaris "The most important elements in the picture are the couple and the star between the lips of the couple".

A video was also requested of me making this, and can be seen below.

This was a requested remake of an old painting, which I also made a video for.

A Wizard of Oz themed painting.

This was done for a youtube channel, using his username and logo in stencils.

The request for this one, was of a planet cracking or exploding.


A car bonnet, sanded, primed, base coat, artwork and cleared.